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To create a big buzz in this time and age, you must get your music posted on a lot of blogs. That’s exactly what we can help you with. Our blog placement package will get your single, video, or mixtape posted on many Hip Hop blogs. We guarantee blog placements Your music will be posted within one week and we will provide you with links to all of the posts.

we find the most success for our clients with the following blogs: AllHipHop, ThisIs50, TheSource, JackThriller, YouHeardThatNew, ItsBizkit, RespectMag, DailyLoud, DJHoliday, DopeFuture, TheDailyDose, RapStarVidz, MechanicalDummy.

If there are any blogs that you want to get on the most, just let us know and we will make those our primary focus. 

Get 70 Blogs Placements


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  • You will receive  links to all of your blog placements               
  • guaranteed results or your money back

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we will email you within 24 hours if we need any additional information. If we don’t need any additional information, we will email you with links to all of your blog placements within one week.

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